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Modus - Pack 

Straping tapes PP


Strapping bands are one of the most modern packaging materials.

Strapping bands we offer are used for:

  • packing of molded and piece goods (strips, paneling, furniture);
  • packing of bale goods (newspapers, magazines);
  • for drawing heavy loads (heavy boxes, metal, bricks, paving slabs on pallets). 


Polypropylene strapping bands are a simple, cheap and convenient packaging material. They are indispensable when products need to be stacked, packed into layers, when outer packaging (corrugated box, bale or sack) needs to be armoured, when the weight of the goods needs to be stabilized on the pallets. A wide range of parameters of strapping bands allows to use them for loads of any weights and sizes.PP strapping is produced of high-quality materials and has outstanding geometrical parameters which allow to use it on mechanical, semi-automatic and automatic wrapping machines.

Straping polyester band PET


Polyester band PET is designed for packing heavy loads.

They offer higher resistance to breaking and cutting then the ribbed straps of the same size. They can be used in cases in which the ribbed band is too weak and do not require changing tools. They are perfectly suitable for strapping loads of sharp edges such as aluminium scrap.



     Width                              Thickness                                Breakload

12mm to  19mm                  0,50mm to 1,35mm                180kg to 1100 kg 

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