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Packaging tapes - HQL 


We offer high quality carton sealing tapes.

Depending on application conditions such as humidity, dusty/dirty environments or heavy cartons we can offer tapes with hot-melt, natural rubber or acrylic adhesive.

Depending on way of application you can need hand or machine tapes.

Packaging tapes  - features




Application way

38 mm

40, 50, 60, 66 m 

hand, machine

48 mm

40, 50, 60, 120m, 66, 910, 990 m        

50 mm

60, 66, 910, 990 m

hand, machine

75 mm                  

60, 66, 132 m                                      

150 mm

330 m

hand, machine


Standard colors: brown, transparent. Different colors can be offer for special request. (white, yellow, green, red, orange, deep blue, black)

The colored sealing tape is usually use to easier identify the products.





Adventages: Top quality performance, ideal for low temperature resistance. 

Ideal for closing heavy standard cartons as well as recycled cartons.

Individual printed tapes  


Printed Sealing Tapes can replace costly printed cartons and turn your products into highly promotional tools. There can be printed your company logo, promotional messages or handling instructions in a variety of stock tape colors and inks.

Printed tapes make the cartons easier to find and identify.

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