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Modus - Pack 

Packaging accessories are a wide range of products using during wraping , strapping or sealing. They are mostly manual tools improoving the final use of packaging products.  

Packaging accessories

Straping bucklets for polipropylene bands 

A wide variety of  standard push type seals is offered to cover any regular end user application demand. Applicable for single or double notch tooling equipment. Special seals finish also available to meet optional end user demand  (galvanized, painted, printed) or cover special application requirement

Manual strapping tools for PP band 


Manual strapping tools allow you to apply tension to your cargo securing system in an easy, fast and ergonomic way. Manual tools used for steel strapping have a high degree of wear & tear due to the continuous steel on steel contact. Battery operated tools for plastic strapping are often expensive and extremely damage sensitive in industrial environments.
Most popular sizes:  12, 16, 19 mm.

►Hand Wrapper for stretch film 



Hand Wrapper allows the user to stretch wrap pallet loads quickly and efficiently to ensure safe and secure delivery.

This Hand Held Stretch Wrapper applies almost any thickness of film that is used to help protect shipments from water, dirt, and damage caused by excessive movement. 

A stretch wrap dispenser makes applying stretch wrap manually easy and efficient. Our full line of stretch wrap dispensers is ideal for applications from bundling items together, such as wood bundling, pallet wrapping or hand-wrapped shipments on pallets.

►Sealing dispensers 


Box-sealing tape dispensers are particularly designed to help make the task of sealing boxes easier. These tape dispensers hold large rolls of masking tape on one end and dispense the tape on the other end. On the end where the tape is dispensed, there is also a serrated blade that cuts the tape


Zastosowanie dla taśm o szerokościach

Zapinka metalowa                    

13, 16, 19 mm

Zapinka druciana

13, 16, 19 mm

Klamerka plastikowa

9 - 16 mm

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