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Without packaging consumers could not live the way they do today. Worldwide, more people now live in urban than rural environments. Different goods are therefore made at some distance from where they are consumed or used – packaging is needed to ensure they survive the journey from production to consumption.


Modus –Pack specializes in many different packaging areas, including stretch films for machine or hand use, shrink films, adhesive tapes, PP Tapes and many of packaging accessories.

Our packaging products can be used mainly in building, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverages industries as well as in many other branches.


The products must be protected against being dropped, crushed, and the vibration it suffers during transport. Delicate products such as fruits need to be protected by a rigid package such as a laminated container.

Products most also be protected against the climate including high temperatures, humidity, light and gases in the air. It must also be protected against micro-organisms, chemicals, soil and insects.

Wrap shrink film

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